Volume 1 Number 4
Winter 2007


marcelli's on second street

Bob Vilt

marcelli’s on second street
where I see a girl
an American
walking down the street
in a rag style dress
thonged shoes
carrying a bag
a burlap bag over her arm
her right hand clutching a shawl-like cape
pressing through to her breast
passing a building
older than this town
coming near the sidewalk rounding the corner
stepping off
to the square tiled road
her eyes looking down
oblivious to the fourteen men watching her
young men and old men alike
one man looking away
while ruth orkin snaps the photo
fifty years ago
hanging on the wall of marcelli’s on second street
I sit alone in the front of marcelli’s near the street
the back of the shop filled with smoke and conversation
of the new bohemians