Volume 2 Number 1
Winter 2008


There Used to Be

Orval Lund

trout, they lived in rivers, there used to be rivers,
before all this heat, and there used to be snow,
it fell from the sky, children would play in it,
it was white and cold (there used to be cold),
and it was soft like hair, we used to have hair,
and when snow came, birds flew south like the wind,
there used to be birds, they wore soft clothes they called feathers
and they sang, there used to be music,
and there used to be books (they had words in them
you could read and they had wings like birds),
they were made out of trees, and there used to be trees
and flowers, the trees wore green and the flowers, oh,
the flowers could be red, yellow, even blue
(there used to be colors), they moved to Canada,
there used to be Canada, that’s where the terrorists
used to live, my children, there used to be children.