Volume 1 Number 1
Spring 2006


Good Friday (2005)

Emilio DeGrazia

The need to garden came on suddenly
After the elephants ate all the grass
Then lay down and died
Next to the trees that dropped their leaves
As the hapless vultures
With two right wings
Stood by and squawked.

first I did away with the fence
To circulate the moon
Into the cracks of caked mud
Where the beetles hid their nightmares
About the city’s cellar doors.

Then I stripped the graveyards
Bare of old bones, whistling
As I flung them behind me
Into the wind.

At last I raked in lust,
Heaped it into a pyre
Then coaxed my old mother
Out of her cave. I watched
The blaze all night, still awake at dawn
To see the ashes
Dark as Eve’s skin
Drift toward the humming of bees.