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Dean Harrington

Executive Director


Dean says, "My bio is short because I haven't gone very far or changed much." He is a community banker from Plainview MN, who is a radical localist, an amateur philosopher, and an enthusiastic consumer of local and regional literature.

Dean is one of the original founders of Rural America Arts Partnership and the driving force behind the Jon Hassler Theater, Rural America Writers' Center, Greenwood Prairie Art Gallery and other artistic groups in the Plainview area.

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Nicole Borg

Editorial Director/Print Editor


Nicole is an ex-English teacher, whose poetry and prose have appeared in Dust & Fire, The Talking Stick, Off Channel, and Eclectica e-zine. In 2011, she received an honorable mention in the Loft Mentor Series for Poetry. Nicole lives in Wabasha, on the lovely Mississippi, with her husband Glen and their two sons Lyzander and Lynx.

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Scott Kallstrom

Lead Designer/Online Editor


Scott received his B.A. in English and Economics from the University of Rochester (NY) and an M.A. in English from Purdue University (IN). He has worked as a chef, writer, editor, nursing home administrator, and currently owns and operates the web development firm Main Street Small Business Solutions. He is the father of three young boys, Owen, Vincent and Miles. He divides his time between Wabasha and St. Paul.

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Carolyn Bizien

Editorial Board


Carolyn is from Minnetonka, Minnesota, but has always enjoyed back country and exotic places, with an intrigue of the survivalist. After sampling various cultures and settings, she is back home in Minnesota, with a bit of melancholy, yet belonging. She has published in Midwest Fly Fishing, contributed to collaborative exhibits and other editions of the Green Blade. She teaches English language in Rochester and, like her late Aussie mix, is somewhat lost without her three children to herd.

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Nancy Hengeveld

Editorial Board


Nancy Hengeveld’s poetry has been published in Dust and Fire and Green Blade, and she wrote a monthly column for the Rochester Post Bulletin for 13 years. She taught psychology at Rochester Community and Technical College and is still working part-time as a licensed psychologist with a private practice in Rochester. She lives in Preston with her husband near the state bike trail.