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Green Blade Submission Guidelines

Print Magazine


Complete Submission Guidelines


Submissions for Print Magazine are CLOSED

Submission Period: January 1st through February 15th.

Reading Period: February 15 through April 15.

Notification of Publication: Notices will be sent on or before May 30.

Qualifications: In order to submit to the Green Blade, writers and artists must:

  • Be a member of Rural America Arts Center (you can join for free at www.raac-mn.com ); AND
  • Must in some way be connected to the Rural America Arts Center, either through the Rural America Writers Center, Greenwood Prairie Art Gallery, Words & Afterwords Bookstore or Jon Hassler Theater.For More Information See Complete Guidelines.

Submission Categories:

  • Poetry: Authors may submit up to five (5) poems, not to exceed ten total pages.
  • Fiction: Fiction manuscripts are recommended not to exceed 2,500 words. Excerpts are acceptable if they stand on their own.
  • Plays: Drama pieces are limited to 2,500 words. Excerpts will be considered.
  • Creative Non-Fiction*: Creative Non-Fiction should not exceed 2,500 words. Excerpts will be considered.
  • *personal essays, memoir, travel writing, food writing, biography, literary journalism and narratives
  • *NEW 2014* Book Reviews: Book reviews will be considered only if they have a connection to the Rural America Writers Center. See Complete Guidelines.
  • *NEW 2014* Author Interviews: Author Interviews will only be considered if they are strongly connected to the Rural America Writers Center either through the 3rd Wednesdays Reading Series, or other special events.
  • *REVISED 2014 Visual Art: Visual artists may submit up to 5 pieces of artwork in color and/or black and white. Artwork in 2014 will be considred for the cover and the interior.

Submission Process: All submissions must be submitted electronically through our online submission process or sent directly to Nicole Borg at nicborg@hotmail.com. Please include the words “Green Blade” in the subject line of your submission. We do NOT except submissions by mail.

Submission Limitations and Technical Requirements: Please note the following submission limitations and technical requirements. Submission not meeting these requirements may not be considered for publication.

  • All Submissions must be either;
    • Original, previously unpublished work, or
    • The submitted material must clearly be designated as previously published work and author must provide proof of rights and/or permission to reprint the work.
  • Writers should make every effort to limit their annual submission to ten (10) double spaced pages in any combination of categories. Submissions greater than ten (10) pages may be considered in part or in whole.
  • Writers may submit a cover page with a short bio and short list of previous publications. The cover letter will not be counted as part of the submission pages.
  • All written submissions should be sent as attachments in Microsoft Word or Open Office (You can download Open Office for FREE at www.openoffice.org )
  • Artist must submit digital artwork at a minimum of 600dpi in one of the following formats; JPEG, TIFF or PNG. Artwork not meeting these specifications cannot be printed in the magazine.

Publication Rights: Writers and artists whose work is accepted for publication give consent to the Rural America Arts Center (RAAC) and the Rural America Writers Center (RAWC) to electronically publish their work on the RAAC website at www.raac-mn.com . Furthermore, the Green Blade does NOT take First North American Serial Rights or retain any ownership of the pieces published in the Green Blade or featured on the RAAC website.

Payment: Payment is in one (1) issue of the magazine in which the author’s work appears.

Questions regarding the Green Blade Submission Guidelines can be submitted either via our website at www.raac-mn.com or sent directly to Nicole Borg at nicborg@hotmail.com .

Complete Submission Guidelines

GB Online Submission Guidelines

Online Supplement


Online Submission Guidelines


Submissions for GB Online are CLOSED

We are currently working on the submissions guidlines for our NEW online supplement to the print issue of the Green Blade

We anticipate having our submission guidlines finalized by the end of January 2014

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